How do I contact customer care?
Our team will remain at your disposal via our:

  • Live Chat
  • Email support:

Enclosed with each SIM Card, a notice will also give you the possibility to contact the operator’s Customer Service in case of a technical issue.

Is this package all-in or do I need other products/items?
Our european sim card packages have all bundles included so that you don’t need anything else to use the data bundles mentioned at the product. We want to keep it as simple as possible for our customers, so there is no hassle with our products.

I want my order to be delivered on another address than my invoice address.
No problem, you can enter a different shipping address during checkout.

Is it possible to buy your sim cards in a store?
Unfortunately we only have an online store at the moment, but keep asking and we will have shops everywhere soon!

How do I know what my used data and or call balance is?
You can check this from your MyAccount page. See information on your instruction paper.

Can I use the sim card with my mifi/3g/4g modem?
Yes, APN settings will be on the instruction paper that you’ll receive with your order.

Is my payment safe?
We provide a full secure payment process (through Paypal and Braintree by PayPal).
We accept MasterCard, Visa, CB, JCB, American Express and Paypal Accounts.

Where can I be delivered?
We can deliver our products everywhere in the world (home address, offices or directly to the hotel where you will be staying).
Please be aware that customs policies vary widely from country to country and custom fees can be applied by the country where you reside. All customs clearance fees must be paid by the customer. For further information please contact your local customs.

Can I cancel my order?
We reserves the right to charge 20% of the order price as cancellation fee as long as the SIM Card has not left our warehouse. As soon as your order leaves our warehouse, cancellations/ adjustments of the order are not possible anymore.

How to use the SIM card?
You will receive a Tri-format SIM.

It works with every unlocked device. We advise to check your phone first. If your mobile phone is locked, contact your current mobile operator to have it unlocked.

Is the SIM Card compatible with my device?
You will receive a Tri-format SIM (normal, micro and nano).

Standard SIM (25x15mm)

Micro SIM (15x12mm)

Nano SIM (12.3×8.8mm)

Therefore, they are compatible with any device.

What does the package include?
Every prepaid SIM Card offer includes: Mobile internet and Phone calls and Text messages. Each product comes with a detailed description of the offer available.

What is the connection in the covered countries?
DataSIMEurope is working with some of the biggest operators available worldwide to make sure that you receive the best connection and service.

Most of the largely populated areas have great cellular coverage and your mobile device and/or hotspot will work without any disruptions.

However, we cannot guarantee a full coverage in each country, some more isolated regions can provide a weak or nonexistent coverage.

My SIM Card does not work. What shall I do?
If your SIM Card does not work we recommend you to check following things:

Is your mobile data on your phone activated?
Does your phone have the APN settings? (please refer to each SIM Cards’ APN setting in the manual provided)
If you still have any questions or your SIM Card still does not work, please contact us via Live Chat, email or phone.